Advantage Japan after a though game against Germany

Japan took control right after the referee Andreas Nilsson dropped the puck in the first face off. After 31 seconds had the scoreboard changed to 1-0, after #96 Masaharu Kumagai gave Japan an advantage. Japan kept control over the game from the first minute of the match until the last, during this though game.

A lot of tackles and penalties took place in this intensive game and the referees handed out ten penalty minutes in the first two periods, still non of the teams were able to score in their power plays. Both teams played intact during the penalty killing and didn’t leave an inch on the ice for the team with the player advantage.

The german keeper, Simon Kunst, took a lot of tackles and punches but kept playing solid throughout the whole game. Even though the Japans found the net six times, Kunst made a couple spectating savings and saved 20 shots. But Japan had Masaharu Kumagai in their team, and he was clinical in front of the goal and had a big impact on the final result and the game.

The german player Ingo Kuhli-Lauenstein were disappointed after the game, but appreciative with the score.

”We were not just good enough today, that’s it. So we hope to do better in our next game.” – #33 Kuhli-Lauenstein said after the game.

Japan will be facing the home nation Sweden tomorrow at 12:00. Germany will also be playing tomorrow, against Slovakia at 15:00.

Germany – Japan

Result: 2 – 6 (0-2, 1-3, 1-1)

Scorer: 0-1, 0.40 #96 Masaharu Kumagai(Takahashi).

0-2, 7.53 #27, Mikio Annaka(Kodama).

0-3,  15.55 #55, Kazuhiro Takahashi(Horie).

1-3, 24.04 #3, Disvelol Bas(Wedde).

1-4, 43.41 #32 Daisuke Uehara(Nakamura).

1-5, 27.56 #96 Masaharu Kumagai(Worrie)

1-6, 34.11 #70 Nao Kodama(Yoshikawa, Annaka)

2-6, 37.24 #87 Felix Schrader(Segreff)

Shots: 17 – 26

Penalty: (Japan)

2.07, #70 Nao Kodama. 2 min, interference.

4.57, #2 Wataru Horie. 2 min, Interference.

18.08, #32 Daisuke Uehara. 2 min, Roughing.


10.05, #66 Torsten Elmer. 2 min, Holding.

18.08, #69 Lucas Sklorz. 2 min, Teeing.

32.11, #87 Felix Schrader. 2 min, Charging.

Best player: Germany: #3 Disvelol Bas

 Japan: #96 Masaharu Kumagai