Germany claims important points against Slovakia

The germans didn’t even have to wait a minute to celebrate their first goal in the game against Slovakia. The young starlet #87 Felix Schrader found the net behind the slovakian goaltender Lepacek only 49 seconds into the game. Just under two minutes after the first goal, Joerg Wedde outsmarted the slovakian team and put the german in a comfortable 2-0 advantage.

The slovakian team had a bit of a struggle on the ice, with the germans playing clever and predicted the slovakian attempts. The young slovakian star attacker Martin Joppa had a hard time with the german defenders and the german man of the match and goaltender Klaus Brzoska blocking all his attempts. Throughout the game, the germans played a tight defending game and kept the slovakians from creating proper chances to score. Brzoska, who replaced Kunst from yesterdays game, as the german goaltender kept the zero intact during the whole game. The slovakian still have to wait for their first scored goal.

The three points for Germany are very well needed in their pursuit of qualification to the Paralympics in Pyeongchang. Also, the three points could contribute with some energy to the important game against Czech Republic tomorrow at 15:00.

For the slovakian team, the amount of points scattered remains zero. But they will have a new chance tomorrow to claim there first points, facing the home nation Sweden in the early game starting 12:00.

”We have some trouble scoring goals and we didn’t play well in the defense. We have to score goals” – Martin Joppa, Slovakia.

Germany – Slovakia

Result: 3 – 0 (2-0, 1-0, 0-0)

Scorer: 1-0, 0:49 #87, Felix Schrader, (Segreff).

2-0(BP), 3:29 #77 Joerg Wedde, (Bas).

3-0, 29:10 #21 Udo Segreff, (Sklorz).

Shots: 15 – 14

Penalty: (Germany) 2:24, #83 Pilz. 2 min, teeing.

7:52, #77 Wedde. 2 min, interference.

20:27, #6 Raedler. 2 min, roughing.

34:33, #66 Elmer. 2 min, holding.

42:29, #96 Segreff. 2 min, delay.

(Slovakia) 9:38, #11 Ligda. 2 min, teeing.

27:29, #25 Joppa. 2 min, roughing.

Best player: Germany: #15 Klaus Brzoska

Slovakia: #18 Eduard Lepacek