Confident win for Czech Republic

Czech Republic started with no mercy in the game against Germany. With a 5-0 win against Slovakia two days ago, Czech Republic steamrolled Germany with another five goal win. This time the game ended 5-1 and with another hat-trick scorer, the #74 Michal Geier.

The Michal Geier show started with an assist to the last game hat-trick scorer, Pavel Kubes. After passing to one goal, his stick found the net three times in the game. Geier have been almost unstoppable in the first two games for Czech Republic and have produced six points (3+3) so far in the qualification tournament for 2018 Paralympics. Together with the star defender Pavel Kubes and the quick attacker colleague Zdenek Krupicka, Michal Geier gave the germans and the to german goaltender Brzoska and Kunst a hard time on the ice.

After being stunned by two quick power play-goals, Germany had quite a struggle from the beginning of the game. Unable to even get a shot on the goal during the first period, the german played most of the game defending their own zone. The starting goaltender #15 Klaus Brzoska were swapped after two periods and four czech goals. The substitute Simon Kunst stood strong for almost eleven minutes, until Michal Geier tricked him from behind the goal and scored his hat-trick.

Czech Republic have scored ten goals in two games and received all the six points. Next game waiting for Czech Republic is Sweden on friday, who suffered an overtime lost against the slovakian team that the czechs won against with 5-0.

Germany will be facing Sweden on saturday, in a game that could be decisive in the hunt for a final qualification spot in the 2018 Paralympics in Pyeongchang.

”Very important for us to win against Sweden to take the ticket to the Paralympics. Sweden is very good and a clever team. I think we have to play the german style, the hard style, to take the ticket to Pyeongchang.” – Captain Sebastian Disveld, Germany.

Germany – Czech Republic

Result: 1 – 5 (0-2, 0-2, 1-1)

Scorer: 0-1(PP), 2:32 #29, Pavel Kubes, (Geier).

0-2(PP), 3:39 #74 Michal Geier, (Habl).

0-3, 19:31 #74 Michal Geier, (Habl).

0-4,  24:14 #96 Zdenek Krupicka, (Palat, Safranek)

1-4, 34:28 #77 Joerg Wedde, (Segreff)

1-5, 41:30 #74 Michal Geier, (Habl, Motycka)

Shots: 6 – 14

Penalty: (Germany) 0:50, #83 Pilz. 2 min, hooking.

3:20, #83 Pilz. 2 min, interference.

4:04, #77 Wedde. 2 min, charging.

8:35, #12 Jaster. 2 min, interference.

20:23, #6 Raedler. 2 min, slashing.

27:44, #3 Disveld Bas. 2 min, roughing.

28:42, #69 Sklorz. 2 min, teeing.

32:08, #96 Segreff. 2 min, roughing.

38:44, #77 Wedde. 10+2, checking from behind.

44:57, #33 Kuhli-Lauenstein. 2 min, teeing.

(Czech Republic) 4:04, #24 Safranek. 2 min, teeing.

11:00, #11 Wagner. 2 min, high-stick.

19:54, #75 Raul. 2 min, hooking.

18:55, #24 Safranek. 2 min, roughing.

41:30, #75 Raul. 2 min, delay.

Best player: Germany: #77 Joerg Wedde

Czech Republic: #74 Michal Geier