Overtime settle for Slovakia

After 8 periods and more than 75 minutes of para ice hockey, Slovakia remained scoreless. A fact that #11 Martin Ligda changed in the third period against home nation Sweden, scoring the Slovaks first goal in the tournament. A goal that seemed to be just enough for earning three point for Slovakia. But, with only a little more than one minute left off the game swedish star defender #3 Niklas Ingvarsson equalized on the ice and forced the game to be settled on overtime.

With five overtime minutes in sudden death, the both team entered the ice with the ambition to claim that extra point in the pursuit of a place in the Paralympics. An important point that Slovakia claimed, after scoring the final goal in power play. #45 Milos Vecerek found the net behind the swedish keeper Ulf Nilsson and gave the Slovaks two point and their second goal in Östersund. Both keepers on the ice, Ulf Nilsson and Martin Lepacek, made it a hard time scoring on the ice. Forced to make some spectacular savings, Martin Lepacek won the goaltender challenge and that important extra point.

Sweden struggled a bit throughout the game. With a lot of playing and puck control in the Slovakian zone, the swedes weren’t able to score. Saved two times by Ulf Nilssons right post, the Slovaks were close on scoring in the first periods. The brilliant defender #3 Niklas Ingvarsson and goaltender Ulf Nilsson had an great impact on the game and showed why they are two important key players in the swedish team.

The Slovakian goaltender, #18 Eduard Lepacek, earned the man of the match in yesterdays game against Germany and made a brilliant performance against Sweden as well. With a couple of great savings with the mask, he kept the swedes away from scoring. Lepracek wan noted with 15 saves, and would have stopped several more attempts from Sweden if needed.

Sweden – Slovakia

Result: 1 – 2 OT (0-0, 0-0, 1-1, 0-1)

Scorer: 0-1, 35:09 #11, Marian Ligda, (Joppa).

1-1, 43:21 #3 Niklas Ingvarsson.

1-2, 47:27(OT) #45 Milos Vecerek, (Fojtik).

Shots: 16 – 12

Penalty: (Sweden) 2:40, #18 Ojala. 2 min, interference.

7:25, #3 Ingvarsson. 2 min, teeing.

33:41, #3 Ingvarsson. 2 min, teeing.

47:12, #11 Lundgren. 2 min, teeing.

(Slovakia) 1:35, #10 Stit. 2 min, teeing.

5:46, #2 Gergely. 2 min, interference.

7:13, #7 Stasak. 2 min, holding.

26:10, #66 Ferencik. 2 min, Hooking.

32:07, #7 Stasak. 2 min, hooking.

36:18, #11 Ligda. 2 min, holding.

Best player: Sweden: #3 Niklas Ingvarsson

Slovakia: #45 Milos Vecerek