Sweden sealed the deal and claimed the last spot to the Paralympics

With only one day left of the qualification tournament in Östersund, Japan and Czech Republic already earned a ticket to Pyeongchang. One spot remained open, a spot that the home nation Sweden and Germany would battle about. In a completely crucial game, the two nations faced each other in Östersund Arena. A clash of a Paralympics ticket, that Sweden won.

The game started as it ended, as an intense game. Germany had an advantage over the home nation Sweden, who needed to win on regular time. While Germany had an point advantage after beating Slovakia. After ending the first period, the game opened right in the start of the second. #21 Marcus Holm gave the swedes the lead after 42 seconds played in the half, and the game intensity grabbed another level when the germans equalized the score advantage a minute later by #12 Christian Jaster.

On the ice, there was two titans in each of the teams. The two goaltenders Ulf Nilsson in Sweden and Simon Kunst in Germany made this a nervous game. Blocking and denying several attempts for both of the teams, keeping the teams Paralympics dreams alive. Ulf Nilsson was also named man of the match, with some spectacular saves.

The two youngsters Felix Schrader and Ingo Kuhli-Lauenstein in Germany were both close to give the germans the lead in the second period, but it was two of the swedes true key players who sealed the deal in Östersund Arena this saturday. Niklas Ingvarsson gave the swedes a 2-1 lead early in the third period. And after a few minutes with some great pressure from the germans and some sacrificing defending by the swedes. The swedish star Per Kasperi shattered the Paralympics dreams for Germany with two late goals and the 4-1 victory was a fact.

”We did this together. It’s wasn’t one player that won this fight, it was all the five players on the ice. We made this performance together, I think that’s the key to this victory” – #8 Per Kasperi, Sweden.

Sweden – Germany

Result: 4 – 1 (0-0, 1-1, 3-0)

Scorer: 1-0, 15:42 #21, Marcus Holm, (Kasperi).

1-1, 16:25 #12 Christian Jaster, (Wedde).

2-1, 33:30 #3 Niklas Ingvarsson, (Lundgren, Kasperi).

3-1,  44:00 #8 Per Kasperi, (Nilsson)

4-1, 44:29 #8 Per Kasperi, (Ingvarsson)


Shots: 19 – 13

Penalty: (Sweden) 4:30, Hedberg. 2 min, teeing.

(Germany) 17:43, #6 Raedler. 2 min, teeing.

38:38, #77 Wedde. 2 min, interference.

Best player: Sweden: #5 Ulf Nilsson

Germany: #3 Sebastian Disweld