januari 13, 2019 - 6:38 e m

Day two – long distance

Today started the second day of the World Cup here in Östersund and it was a little worse weather conditions compared to yesterday. It was more windy and snowy today.

The second day started with the women sitting class. The winner of today’s race was Kendall Gretsch from the USA with the time 43:37.0. On second place, Birgit Skarstein from Norway with the time 44:40.8 and on third place Andrea Eskau from Germany with the time 46:02.5.

When the men in sitting started their race it begun to snow. The winner of the race was Daniel Cnossen from the USA with the time 49:36.3.

–It was a tough race, the snowfall made the course a little bit difficult and challenging, said Daniel Cnossen.

On second place came Martin Fleig from Germany with the time 50:10.6 and on third place Vasyl Kravchuk from Ukraine with the time 51:32.3.

Then it was the women standing class wich Oleksandra Kononova won with the time 42:29.5.

– I’m very happy. I had great ski and a great team around me that helped me win the race today, said Oleksandra Kononova.

She had dreamed about winning this competition and today she achieved it. On second place came Vilde Nilsen from Norway. She finished on 42:56.4 and in third place, Liudmyla Liasheko from Ukraine with the time 43:06.7.

In the women visual impaired, Carina Edlinger from Austria won again today. She won her class yesterday as well. Today she finished on 43:43.4. On second place, from Germany, came Clara Klug with the time 45.13.9 and in third place came Oksana Shysgkova on 45:28.3.

Davet Benjsamin from France won his class in men standing 18km with the time 48:12.1. On second place finished Hakon Olsrud from Norway on 49:37.4 and on third place Alexander Ehler from Germany on 50:23.1.

The last race for today was the men visually impairment and Zebastian Modin won again with over 2 minutes to the second place.

– My plan was not to be in the top because of the World Championship in a month, said Zebastian Modin.

He explain that it blew more today which made it difficult to hear his leader but everything went well. In second place ended Eirik Bye with the time 49:23.1 and in third place Anthony Chalencon  on 49:36.0.

Cross country skiing Women, 12km, sitting
1.Kendall Gretsch – 43:37.0
2.Birgit Skarstein -44:40.8
3.Andrea Eskau – 46:02.5

Cross country skiing Men, 15KM, sitting
1.Daniel Cnossen – 49:36.3
2.Martin Fleig – 50:10.6
3.Vasyl Kravchuk – 51:32.3

Cross country skiing, Women 13km, FT, standing
1.Oleksandra Kononova -42:29.5
2.Vilde Nilsen – 42:56.4
3.Liudmyla Liashenko – 43:06.7

Cross country skiing women 13km FT, visually impaired
1.Carina Edlinger – 43:43. 4
2.Clara Klug – 45:13.9
3.Oksana Shysgkova – 45:28.3

Cross country skiing men 18km, FT, standing
1.Benjsamin Davet – 48:12.1
2.Hakon Olsrud – 49:37.4
3.Alexander Ehler – 50:23.1

Cross country skiing men 18km, FT, visually impaired
1.Zebastian Modin – 47:05.9
2.Eirik Bye – 49:23.1
3.Anthony Chalencon – 49:36.0