april 3, 2019 - 9:21 e m

Third day of competition

At Wednesday it was time for slalom in the European Cup Final in alpine skiing in Klövsjö.

The weather conditions was sunny and windy with the temperature a couple of degrees below zero.


Men Slalom sitting
1 Jesper Pedersen, Norway
2 Murat Pelit, Switzerland

Men Slalom Standing
1 Aleksei Bugaev, Russia
2 Aron Lindström, Sweden
3 Alexander Alyabyev, Russia

Men Slalom vision impaired
1 Ivan Frantsev, Russia
2 Valerii Redkozubov, Russia
3 Thomas Civade, France

Women Slalom Standing
1 Varvara Voronchikhina, Russia
2 Mariia Papulova, Russia
3 Anastasia Khorosheva, Russia

See all the results here.

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Klövsjö 2019 World Para Alpine Skiing European Cup Final